About Us

Our Story

Growing up as a little girl I didn’t understand why there were no sidewalks to walk to school, like the neighborhood 3 blocks away. I also didn’t understand why adults were so fearful to acknowledge the obvious factors (race and income) that were the reason for the difference. Something I understood at 5 even though I didn’t have the words for it. And just like that, not having access to the same quality of life resources made it unsafe for me to walk to school. I couldn’t walk to a clean park. My parents didn’t make the same wage as their counterparts. And essential a body, a neighborhood, a city that should have felt like “home” didn’t.

So we help improve access to quality of life resources by helping activists, organizations, and universities update organizational practices, quality of services, and community/client engagement. Everyone, especially minoritzed folks, deserves to feel and be “at home.”