Our Story

Growing up as a little girl I didn’t understand why there were no sidewalks to walk to school, like the neighborhood 3 blocks away. I also didn’t understand why adults were so fearful to acknowledge the obvious factors (race and income) that were the reason for the difference. Something I understood at 5 even though I didn’t have the words for it. And just like that, not having access to the same quality of life resources made it unsafe for me to walk to school. It also meant other families in my community didn't have safe routes to schools or clean green spaces. My parents didn't make the same wage as their counterparts, leaving one of them uninsured. Confederate flags decorated highways and public spaces.Essentially a neighborhood, a city that should have felt like "home" didn't.

TMCG, is a boutique consulting firm that uses lived experience expertise, evidence-based research, practice-based lessons learned as well as inclusion, equity, and diversity methods to help community activists, universities and organizations more strategically address community inequities and health disparities - particularly, in rural communities. Everyone, especially minoritzed folks, deserve to feel “at home” and live in communities that provide a positive quality of life.



We want to help our clients become a destination place for diverse talent, high quality services, and culturally relevant solutions.

How We Do It

We help grow the confidence and competence of our clients to address unjust factors that prevent minoritized communities from experiencing their greatest quality of life-in both personal and professional experiences.

Project Management with our Clients

Our multi-step process helps TMCG work more efficiently and effectively with clients, while most importantly developing a relationship along the way.

How We Give Back

A portion of our profits is reserved to offer free community action trainings, as well as sponsorship of community-driven programs.

Our Impact

Help fill health equity, public health, and quality of life data gaps for rural communities.

Increase access to and early adoption of innovative personal and professional development strategies to address equity and equality issues in rural communities.

Meet The Team

TMCG is a SWAM certified (Small, Minority, Woman-Owned) company, whose innovation is created by a team of incredible talent, lived experience, and expertise. These good folks offer their time and consulting services to ensure TMCG is the best it can be.

Monica Motley

Monica Motley, MS, MPH, PhD


CEO/Founder of TMCG

Dr. Motley is a proud native of Danville, Virginia. She holds a MSEd in community health education/physical activity, a MPH, and a PhD in Biomedical and Veterinary Science. As a social and behavioral health researcher, she studies individual, community, and environmental influences on lifestyle-related health disparities in minoritized communities. She is also Senior Research Faculty at Virginia Tech’s Center for Public Health Practice and Research.

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Nikeita Lea

Nikeita Lea


CEO/Founder of Gap Tax Services DMV

Nikeita specializes in start-up business development, stakeholder engagement, and financial processes. Nikeita has a natural gift for coaching and believes in the power of entrepreneurship that does good for the world.

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Midori Amae

Midori Amae


CEO and Creative Director, Emerald Fox Creatives

Midori Amae specializes in commercial video production, branding and marketing materials, graphic and web design, social media strategy and implementation, personal development and business coaching.

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Ashley Young

Ashley Young


Program Manager, TMCG

Ashley specializes in team managment, company culture, and leadership development. A graduate of Radford University, she has spent over 10 years managing, leading, and creating meaningful experiences with people.

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